About Chairman-Message

It is satisfying to see the way school is progressing by providing quality education to the students. Past 10 years were the moments of pride for me to see the tree growing for which the sapling was planted years back. I wish it to grow further towards excellence. I am happy to see the school showing excellent progress not only in the field of academic and cultural activities but also helping the children to retain old values and enrich their lives on value based principles. I am sure by the time child will leave school, he / she will be equipped to face the challenges of life.
Ours is a school where parents send their children to get the best education to help them work towards success and prosperity because we strive to provide them with excellent learning outcomes, communication skills and effective preparation for competitive exams.
I hope the school graduates will become leaders of their chosen fields and contribute positively towards the progress of our nation and of humanity at large.
May the beacon of truth and knowledge show us the right path.

Dinesh Bhati